Focus and Scope

Tropical Wetland Journal (TWJ) is a biannual refereed journal that publishes high quality research and review articles to inform and stimulate discussions relevant to tropical wetland environment and the related aspects. It appeals to a wider audience including academics, practitioners, industrial professionals, and students who are interest in the above fields. The journal is published in an online format. The main objectives of the Tropical Wetland Journal are to provide a high-quality platform for communication and publishing of original research works in tropical wetland environment and its related aspects.

TWJ covers all aspects of tropical wetland environment which includes the following;

  • Wetland resources management
  • Biodiversity conservation and management
  • Wetland agricultural sciences
  • Wetland fisheries sciences
  • Wetland forestry sciences
  • Wetland products utilization and technology
  • Socio-economics of wetland resources
  • Waste management and pollution control
  • Environmental chemistry and biogeochemistry
  • Environmental management, engineering and technologies
  • Other environment related research